JavaScript for…in loop in action

Ever tired of using traditional for loop? Try for…in loop :)

Pavan Chilukuri
Nov 11, 2018 · 2 min read
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Image for post loop iterates over the properties of an object. It returns a list of keys on the object being iterated. It eliminates the counting logic as in the traditional for loop.


for (variable in object) { ...

Let’s say we have a JSON object in the below format — all the keys have an array of objects as values.

let employees = {
"5": [{
"id": 35,
"job": "Front end developer",
"description": "based in Ohio"
"id": 36,
"job": "Java developer",
"description": "based in Seattle"
"6": [{
"id": 4,
"job": "UI Developer",
"description": "based in NJ"
"id": 5,
"job": "Angular developer",
"description": "based in NY"

Iterating over the JSON object,employees

for (let i in employees) {
for (let j in employees[i]) {

Output from the browser console

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You may check out the source code in Codepen.

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