A letter to the Young Entrepreneur.


Many people have ideas in their teens and 20’s . Many believe that they have to have it all figured out before they can start up anything. Some talk themselves out of their ideas and look down on themselves thinking that they are, and never will be good enough to have what it takes to start up a business. Many start but are discouraged by the difficulties involved or by the amount of sacrifice they have to make.

An entrepreneur is one who knows all these things and still decides to go in no matter what. Giving all they have . They will have doubts and fears but they still go ahead anyway. An entrepreneur is a risk bearer.

It is even harder for an entrepreneur who is young because they are faced with the difficulties of the trade they might choose . Sometimes they are looked down upon because they seem too young. Becoming an entrepreneur does not mean that you have to know everything and have everything figured out. It takes dedication, patience and perseverance because as an entrepreneur you will surely have your ups and downs, highs and lows, profits and losses. You just have to keep moving on no matter what, and not giving up. No one promises that your entrepreneurial journey will be without hurdles or obstacles. You must strive to overcome all these because they make you stronger.

Becoming an entrepreneur you must keep these in mind;

  • Be ready to learn always.
  • You must not start big. You just have to start from somewhere one idea at a time.
  • Be open to criticism.
  • Be open to change.
  • Be ready to sacrifice.
  • Put in your best always.
  • Not everyone will understand you at first.
  • There will be problems.
  • You will make mistakes but make sure you learn from them and find out why you made those mistakes and do not repeat them.
  • Find mentors in your chosen field and learn from them, what they did to succeed and learn from their mistakes too.
  • Do not be afraid to try new methods to achieve your goal.

This is a letter to the Young Entrepreneur not to discourage you but encourage you. To let you know that you have all it takes to achieve your dreams. Your ideas might feel stupid or not good enough but go ahead anyway. Do not talk yourself away from turning your dreams into reality. Do not talk yourself away from your greatness and ask yourself at the end of your life why you did not try. What if ? What would I have achieved? What might I have been remembered for? Do not let your future you ask you these questions. Yes! It will be hard but you can do it. Yes! There will be days you feel like giving up and you feel that it’s not worth it but remember why you started in the first place. Remember why you began the journey. It is not going to be rosy all the way but I promise you that if you put your mind to it, doing your best, never giving up, always trying to be better than you were before you will succeed.