The beauty of diversity.

Hello! Privet! Nihao! Xin chào! Nehao! Wagwan!Bonjour! Ohayoo gozaimasu! Guten morgen! Hola!
From breakfast with Russians, to classes with Chinese, to lunch with Vietnamese, and dinner with Mexicans.

I have come to realise that we all have everything in common (except our cultural heritage). From being concerned about grades , to laughing about a joke , to watching a sports game and even more.

‘We might not all be the same but we are all fantastic in our own way’ — Chimdinma Chijioke

The beauty of diversity is like the colours of the rainbow. It is a beautiful combination of every single bit of uniqueness. It is an exciting experience to be able to share one’s uniqueness with others. Diversity is not always based on nationality. It is also the unique personality of everyone in a group who has something to offer.

Diversity takes various forms. There is no strict rule about diversity. I belive that ‘Unity in diversity’ is the conscious accecptance and appreciation of one’s culture and that of others. The beauty of diversity is like the blooming flowers in spring. The Unity in diversity, brings the beauty in diversity.

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