My Quest to Join Andela

Andela has been a destination for me after I learnt about their values. I’m not a fellow yet but this post is about my effort to be one — an effort that has been anything but easy.

I’ve been a software developer for a while but the standards have not been as high as they are at Andela. We used to do team work but the collaboration tools were missing. If you could only sling code you were sung! But believe me Andela is a different ball game — you must be rounded at many other things.

Enter the collaboration tools. Today, I had to learn git in hours — yes, you heard me right — on the first day of the bootcamp. Bootcamp is an accelerated program so its participants usually need a seat belt. I wasn’t proud of my performance on the collaboration tools but a few days to master git was my consolation.

Test driven development was a breeze for me. I’ve been drinking testing tools for a while — including my favorite Mockito. We indulged Jasmine for a task and I tell you it didn’t taste bad.

Seeking feedback was another skill that piqued my interest. Although I had been seeking feedback before now, I never knew how important it was. Our Bootcamp Facilitator presented it in an all new light. I wish you were there!

So we have submitted our tasks for the day and have rolled up our sleeves for the second day.