Mattermark ranked the fastest-growing Internet of Things startups of 2014 based on their Mattermark growth score, which takes into account monthly unique website visitors, weekly mobile downloads, social media metrics, number of employees, and equity funding.

Here are those hot Internet of things startups:


Growth score: 2616
Mattermark says: “JIBO earned more than $2.2 million by selling over 4,800 social robots through its Indiegogo campaign. JIBO plans to pair its robot with other connected devices in the future.”

2. Vessyl

Growth score: 1487 Mattermark says: “Vessyl is a smart cup that senses the nutritional content of beverages and tracks the hydration of…

The fight against terrorist groups African armies can use connected Drones to get images of the field with low risk for soldiers. Don’t think drones are big engines like in movies only capable to send missiles. There are drones of all sizes, types, characteristics, colors…

A drone with a connected camera and a large wide can send thousands of images of a dangerous field with two major’s advantages. First of all confidence of the information, the drone can capture information in many contexts we’ll not explain more by respect for the job of security forces. …

What Really Happens in a Smart Home

Well, a smart home is something that is far more connected than you may think.

At the limited end of the scale it’s something like the lights in your back garden coming on when you walk outside after dark.

At the extensive end it’s your fridge alerting you that you’re running out of food, your TV tuning in the traffic report when you enter your kitchen in the morning, or some cool night-lights woven into your floor that lead the way to the bathroom late at night.

With the impending introduction of smart…

ChimeraHome™ breakdown of Internet of Things

The internet of things revolution is already being televised. Our houses are already becoming smart homes — but there’s so much more to come. Forget the current crop of smart thermostats and smart security systems — the real smart home of the future is a learning ecosystem, that’s aware of your habits and movements, using information from your wearables and scores of connected sensors to transform your life forever.

So let us take you on a guided tour of to What Internet of Things Really is

courtesy of harbour research

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Chimera I.O.T

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