3D door sign builder app to reduce production time and enable customers to create their unique door signs.

R. Bergersen Sikkerhet & Design company was looking for a solution to enable customers to create their custom door signs which are very popular in Norway. Our client noticed the potential of 3D graphic configurators and partnered up with us to apply this technology in his very own Online Door…

Together with Art of Corner we have created a 3D interactive model of a The Dying Centaur from Musée Bourdelle in Paris.

Art Exhibition at Your Home

The aim of this project was to promote museums and support exhibitions through immersive experiences brought by realistic 3D graphics. The Dying Centaur is a famous sculpture by Antoine Bourdelle that can be seen at Musée Bourdelle in Paris. Thanks to the newest virtual technology, art lovers who cannot visit…

The latest 3D graphics tech brings customers a glimpse of how their new car will look like even before actually going to te car showroom.

Buying the car from the couch

There is a new way for the automotive industry to interact with their clients. Car dealers may now “invite” customers to the digital playground on their websites. Once visiting your 3D Car Configurator customers can personalise the car they consider to buy according to their preferences and see the outcomes…

Audio waves visualisation interprets ambient, chill, jazz and classical music. The 3D graphic design smoothly corresponds with mood, tones and tempo.

Visual representation of audio waves is an artistic concept which inspired Magdalena Sykulska-Solecka (MAYS) — a Polish artist and PhD at The Academy of Fine Arts in Warsaw. Her idea was to show how one type of waves (sounds) could be interpreted by a different type of waves (images). In…

Chimera Prime

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