So, about our name…
Paul McDonald

U are blinkered fools. This concept is gentrification to the extreme, its almost seems like a parody — this is the sort of thing I honestly would expect to see in a scifi film about a dystopian future or a satire of ‘where humanity went wrong’. Where does this end!? seriously!? This is so depressing! Are we going to keep going with this kind of pointless removal of humans, this kind of over-technologization of our every day behaviours until we never have to see another person again?? People like you make me sick to my stomach! Some things do not need to be updated — these stores are back bones of NYC communities, they are REAL people and the value of that is far more than you can understand, clearly, it is something that cannot be stolen or distilled into some modern tech update — you will never be able to replace them. So basically you should drop this twisted idea and get a life. You are what is wrong with society right now. You are the same kind of person who would cut down the Amazon, knock down Heritage buildings etc all in the name of ‘advancement’ … Who the fuck gave you the right to decide that. Disgusting.

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