The things that matter in your life is the priority that needs to be addressed to live a happy life. Life is a burning candle with great uncertainty. The slight change in the system and in the environment extinguishes the flame. Great Saints and scientist have tried to define life but neither science or religion have a concrete Knowledge of what life is. It surrounds on the idea that life is death. Whatever the definition might be, we should not forget to be happy and satisfied. At the end what counts is how happy you are. Happiness does not come from the other worldly thing or a person. We usually expect things to change in others but changing yourself and be happy. This happened with me!. In the mist of getting job i was dragged to Thailand to become a teacher. I had to cope up with life and be professional. With each passing day i felt sad. New place, new language and new people. I really didn’t know how to be happy, i had forgotten to smile and view moments as a gift. After some months i firstly learned thai language, started opening up to people and slowly i realised how some little efforts in life can make a difference.

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