Light, glossy dosas to satisfy your cravings

Dosas are one of the few South Indian dishes you will find in a Kerala Restaurant in Brampton. Crisp, mildly tangy and lighter than air, they are perfect vehicles for coconut, tomato or the onion chutney along with the soupy South Indian lentil dish known as the sambar. No matter how they are made, dosas are universal, popular with old and young alike.

Kerala Restaurant in Brampton

Visit an inviting Kerala Restaurant in Brampton if you want to take your family out for a Sunday brunch. They will indeed love to treat their taste buds with crisp hot dosa all laden with sambar and chutney. You can try different varieties of dosas such as cheese dosa with onion, mushroom dosa, paper roast, chocolate dosa or pizza dosa.

A restaurant serving dosas in Mississauga and Brampton will also serve different traditional vegetarian and non-vegetarian appetizers and starters. You can try mouth-watering starters like banana fritters, veg samosa, chicken samosa, special omelette and green salads. And if you like digging into rice, you can try their vegetable biryani, vegetable pulao or chicken biryani.

A Kerala restaurant in Brampton promises to offer you delicious dosas and other traditional dishes. Pay a visit if you enjoy eating dosa, a thin brown sheet of rice batter, griddled brown along with tangy chutney and hot sambar.