Why you should buy Job Career WordPress Theme?

When we talk about a featured rich responsive theme in terms of jobs, employment or career then ‘JOB CAREER’ is the first name which comes in one’s mind. Here a quick question arises that ‘Why it is configured as Best Wordpress Job Board?’ So, a quick answer for it is that its a user friendly theme which is exclusively focused on the obligations and necessities of recruitment agencies. Now coming towards the point that why one need to buy this theme? So let’s have a quick overview on its features.

1. Unlimited Theme Customization

Theme customization has always been a great headache for recruitment agencies, in order to create a strong base for people looking for Job Career. Sometimes they are not able to get the website colors, fonts variations or other tweaks in their websites. On the other end, in this Job Board Wordpress theme one is able to utilize all features and do full customization in a limited time span.

2. Built in Payment Gateway

It includes an option of build-in-payment gateway. This include an advance sorting algorithm which is a great way of getting easy transaction on website.

3. Job Management Tools

There are some complicated management tools which are not available on every wordpress website. For example, listing feature based on location, job category or job type are great elements of this Wordpress Theme which you won’t be able to find in an aligned form in other themes.

4. Page Builder with Drag & Drop Option

Handling tons of messy HTML codes is quite difficult task. That’s why a prominent feature has been included in Job WP Theme. Through help of the page builder you can draw your website layout and create a professional look through help of short codes.

5. Responsible Customer Support

Handling customers and understanding their problems have always been a difficult task. Meanwhile using the Job board customers might face issues setting up. That’s why a super fast customer support service is always available for the buyer of the theme. Once you will buy it, after that you would be able to get help of CSR to set-it-up on your website.

6. Candidates & Employers Tools

It is obvious that two people are the key elements on a Job Career Wordpress Theme i.e. employers and candidates. That’s the reason employers are given option to register and login their account, manage the profile of their company and post currently required job. Not only that, they can buy the cv packages and do short listing of candidates through their account. This is a great feature in this Job Portal which could save a lot of time.

On the other end if we talk about the candidates, they can sign up and manage their profile. They can easily create their own resume online and short list jobs.

7. Free of Cost Plugins

This handy product involves three main role players i.e. admin, employer and candidate. It’s a perfect option for building a high profile career counselling website. Although its SEO friendly, but all the plugins available in this theme are cost free. You don’t need to pay anything extra for setting up any payment gateways or adding various page settings.

Lastly, this is a great theme for handling a small or big job management system. You should try this job hiring portal!