On 11th October, the world celebrates the International Day of the Girl. The theme for this year is Girls’ Progress = Goals’ Progress: What Counts for Girls.

This year, Social Media was decorated with posts and pictures that read ‘ I stand with Girls.’ Special functions were done to celebrate the progress and the challenges of girls globally.

‘Girls’ is now among the development powerful words. NGOs have realigned their programs to tap into Girl Child donor money. Corporations are also aligning their marketing strategy and Corporate social responsibility towards Girls. The media provided coverage about girls related activies.Even ordinary people have understood the power of a selfie that has as a girl child in it. I will not talk about politicians and gain political mileage once the utter the power word ‘Girl.’

It is catchy to mention girls in programs. It even looks good to get pictures of girls for your annual report. The public is happy, donors are happy, and you are happy. Public declarations about standing for girls come with many benefits for both personal and professional development.

What does that mean for girls? Whether this is helping the Girl Child or the organization, or the individual remains a question that needs a separate article altogether.

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