How did I start to listen to others, and how did it help me to get higher points on my KBTU lessons.

By reading Carnegie’s book «how to win friends and influence people, I found very simple, but at the same time very useful and powerful tool. It is an ability to listen to other people. Carnegie says that listening to others, namely rapt attention, is very good action to endear other people. I found it really interesting, and started to practice it in the real life. Of course, my first audience were my friends, and while I started to listen, I found that for them, i became a very good companion. They started to be more open and talkative. And all of that happened at the very first day.

It was very easy to start listening for others. I just had to analyze what my companion is talking about, and just be interested in it.

Next league was my teachers. First teacher who I tested it, was my microeconomics teacher. Every week we have to pass him our summaries, and one day I went to pass one of the chapters. When I came to him, he asked me did I understand every thing from the chapter, and did I have any questions with the chapter. I said yes, and said that I didn’t understand these things. He started to explain them@ to me, and I was very interested on what he is saying. I sustained our conversation, and he started to ask me questions from the chapter. I decided to make it not like «question-> answer», but tried to make him to talk more. In one moment, teacher started to talk about his problem with office registration of kbtu, and i started to listen very attentively. I tried to sustain this conversation, and it was very helpful. After that, he said that i am prepared very well, and marked with highest point. It was the most easy chapter passing ever. And not only i got my points, but also became one of this teachers good students.

So that is one more really good advice from the book, that I use every day.

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