In this statement, I am going to talk about how to stop arguing with other people.

Each person has most “heavy” sides that it’s difficult for him to cope.

One of my bad sides was desire to argue, to dominate in any discussion and saying that I am right.

It made me to argue a lot, and even my parents always say that i mustn’t argue with them. Moreover, I also argued with my friends in any situation, where it is possible.

Also I “loved” to take part in the debates, mostly on the Internet. I couldn’t just quit the discussion, when there were people who disagree with me. These debates caused me anger, aggression and rejection of other people’s point of view. While I was in the debate, I did not notice anything around. I could forget about anything, and my main goal was to make another person to understand that he is not right.

All that time, I knew that arguing is my really bad side, and I need to fight it. And the book, “How to win friends and influence people” opened my eyes. After reading it, I started to understand that in most situations, there is no reason to argue with people. Also I got that even if you win the debate, your opponent will be very angry with you. So dispute won’t give you anything.

I trained very good method to avoid any disputes, so here it is.

In any disputes, “opponents” are not interested to achieve some understanding and come to agreement. When a person gets involved in a dispute, he stands in a position, and attacks the views of the opponent. However, he should try to understand his opponents point of view. It is very important, because any dispute could become an angry argue between two people. But if you just try to understand what other person talks about, you won’t have poor attitude.

Even if you are right and try to be as objective as possible, anyway, when you start to defense, you often stop noticing correct arguments of your companion.

So in my opinion, the best way to get rid of arguing with others, is trying to understand other persons side. It helped me to avoid a lot of situations, where i could be involved in to an argue. And i will explain one of these situations in my next statement.

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