Names are more important than you think

I think that every person met strangers, who knew their names. At least, it was very nice to hear your name from a person, who you don’t know, or you thought that he or she doesn’t know you.

I had a lot of situations, when such people addressed me by my name. It brought me positive emotions. I became more open, and saw friends in these people. It happened so much times, but I never thought about starting it myself.

So the book «how to win friends and influence people» notes this life hack in a separate chapter. By reading it, I was agree with each word from this part.

If your goal is to gain confidence, learn the stranger’s name, and then repeat it three times in the course of your conversation.

Why the name is so important? This is one of the few words that has real value for its owner. Remember, we don’t like people who use nicknames instead of name to refer to us. Moreover, name is one of the most powerful tools to influence people. You can say something to the listener, but he won’t hear you. However, if you only call his name – you will get all his attention.

So I want to talk about how to memorize every ones name, who you meet, in easiest way. Best method of memorizing, is associations. You only have to ask for that person’s name, and at moment you hear it, you should associate it with something or someone. So here is an example from my life. Once, I needed to memorize my friend’s brothers name. And she said that his name is Ermurat. In kazakh language, «er» means horse saddle. At the same time, «Murat» is very popular kazakh name. And my uncle’s name is Murat. So i imagined my uncle sitting on a horse saddle without a horse. And I remembered his name after 3 days when I had to tell my friend that Ermurat didn’t answer his phone.

So that is the example of the best way to memorize people’s names.