How To Make The Most Of Your 6 Inch Smartphone

A 6 inch smartphone offers a nice balance of portability and functionality — marrying the communications potential of your average phone with the expanded features and generous screen space of a tablet computer.
However, there are quite a few ways you can make better use of the plus-sized 6 inch phones out on the market:

1. Invest In A Wireless Headset

If you’re looking for a discreet, low-profile way of taking calls, then a wireless headset is an essential accessory to go with a 6 inch phone. Small, cordless models can fit snugly into your ear while the receiver touches the bone of your upper jaw — picking up your voice without you having to scream out loud. Such a headset also allows you to maximize voice commands on your phone — giving you a hands-free method of taking down notes, setting up reminders, sending text messages or composing emails on the fly.

2. Pair The Phablet With A Smart Watch

If the headset lets you handle voice with ease, then the smart watch is the perfect tool for information at a glance. It can be rather difficult to bring out a 6 inch mobile phone out of your pocket just to check the time, read an incoming message or review your schedule for the day. A smart watch strapped to your wrist will solve that problem for you, as a quick flick of the wrist is all that’s needed to bring up the display you need.
3. Convert Your Phone Into A PC– a 6 inch tablet phone can double as a miniature personal computer when needed. You can literally hook it up to a monitor or smart TV and get a pretty decent computing experience out of the whole thing, especially if you invest in some of the higher-powered 6 inch smartphones out on the market. A portable mouse, a folding keyboard and an MHL adaptor are all you need to pair it up with a monitor or smart TV.

4. Create An E-Book Library

the screen size of a 6 inch tablet phone makes it excellent for reading: big enough to comfortably read the text on the screen, small enough to fit snugly in your hands. Best part: you can also read magazines and PDF documents with relative ease, as gesture controls let you zoom in and out to whatever level is most comfortable to your eyes. Couple this with excellent reading software like Amazon Kindle or AlReader, andyou have an ideal device for the bookworm seeking a powerfully versatile e-reader.

5. Pick A Comfortable Container For Your Phablet

You need to find a safe spot to store your 6 inch smartphone without making it a complete hassle to bring it out. A purse, satchel or messenger bag is just fine, but there are other container options out on the market. Holsters designed specifically for 6 inch screen smartphones are out on the market; allowing you to store the device safely inside your clothes. Deep inside-pocket jackets offer the same safety and convenience as well. Then there are belt packs, cross-body bags, flip belts and other choices. Review all you storage options for a 6 inch phablet and pick one you’re most comfortable with.

6. Develop Your Grip

Seriously, you’ll quickly start to develop cramps if your hand and finger muscles are not strong enough to support regular use of a 6 inch phone. You’ll want to develop your crush grip, which is done by balling your hands up into a fist and squeezing as hard for a few seconds. You’ll also need to work on your pinch grip by matching your thumb up to the other fingers of your hand and pinching hard for a few seconds. These simple exercises ought to make it easier to hold on to and work with the extra real estate of a 6 inch smartphone, though you can put some money into exercise machines that strengthen hand grip.

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