How to improve the value of deep processed diatomite?

Diatomite has considerable application value; with the ultrafine powder market continues to be explored, the application value of diatomite ultrafine grinding mill has been improved, thereby to enhance the market competitiveness of enterprises. The diatomite ultrafine grinding mill is well received by the diatomite powder market, is mainstream equipment for diatomite energy saving processing.

Diatomite has high application used as FRP, rubber, plastic filler, can significantly enhance the steel products steeliness and hardness, improve product heat, wear, and anti-aging properties, and significantly reduce costs. Used as paper filler can improve the paper opacity and brightness, improve the smoothness and print quality, reduce the paper expansion and contraction due to humidity. As a matting agent for coating, it is possible to reduce the surface gloss of the coating film and increase the abrasion resistance and scratch resistance of the coating film. As the ideal carrier of granules of pesticide powder, can make the preparation stability, efficacy extended, toxic slow, easy to grasp the dose, also as a rational compound fertilizer carrier.

Fujian Fengli diatomite ultrafine milling machine integrate with roller, grinding, impact and other comprehensive mechanical crushing performance, operation under negative pressure, with high efficiency dust collector, the work environment is less dust; semi-automatic control process, largely increase the production efficiency, the main mill base is overall casting structure, both to ensure structural strength, and good anti-shock performance, less vibration, smooth operation, product size is good, no large particles of pollution, product quality is stability, is the ideal equipment currently for dry production of non-metallic ultrafine powder.

Fujian Fengli diatomite ultrafine grinding mill

[Size of feed]: ≤10mm

[External dimensions]: 12m*7m*7m

[Installation power]: 210–265KW

[Production capacity]: 1–9t/h

[Pproduct fineness]: 3–40Micron

[Features]: Integration of rolling, grinding, impact and other comprehensive crushing performance, scientific and rational design, unique structure and innovation,PLC control system, the use of man-machine interface control panel. Make more intuitive and convenient operation, high automation degree, so that the data acquisition and remote automation control.

[Focus areas]: Focus on gypsum, calcite, barite, fluorite, marble and other Mohs hardness below 7 and humidity less than 6% non-metallic mineral ultra-fine processing and grinding, the equipment with a number of countries patented technology, performance reached the national leading level.