Paddy Husk Grinding Mill

The rice husk (or hull) is the outermost layer of the paddy grain that is separated from the rice grains during the milling process. Around 20% of paddy weight is husk and rice production in Asia produces about 770 million tons of husk annually.

Rice husk was largely considered a waste product that was often burned or dumped on landfills, according to Martin Gummert, post harvest expert at the International Rice Research Institute.

“In Vietnam, it used to be a waste some years ago and was dumped in the rivers, causing a big problem, but now it has a value,” Mr. Gummert said. “In fact, in most countries, rice husk is not waste anymore.” Some enterprising companies are turning it into various products not only for the eco-conscious market place but also for the industrial sector.

In India, a non government organization uses rice husk to supply rural villages with cheap and affordable electricity, while a company in Spain saves the environment one wood-free chopstick at a time.

the ACM/B series grinding mill is part of our patented new generation innovative products (China Patent Registration No.ZL02268432.9). The machine is suitable for super-fine grinding of paddy husk. Materials are sucked into the grinder by a pressure differential created by the blower(s) within the system, thus successfully resolving the problems faced by punchaction grinders such as difficulties in grinding large but low-density materials. products size can be 3–300 micron, and output can reach 250–1500kgs/h, installations power 74kw.

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