Processing advantages of Fengli large petroleum coke grinding mill

Petroleum coke, is a part of the carbon graphite morphology different in nature, the main element is carbon, contain small amounts of hydrogen, nitrogen, sulfur, oxygen and some metal elements, sometimes water. Tell from structure and appearance, petroleum coke can be divided into needle coke, sponge coke, shot coke, powder coke, is widely used in metallurgy, chemical industry, etc. can be used as raw materials to produce the electrode or chemical products.
 Petroleum coke powder, is product gained from petroleum coke after grinding and processing, is also very extensive used with high value, it can replace light oil, heavy oil, natural gas for industrial furnaces fuel, can also be used in glass, ceramics, metallurgy, chemical and other industries. Petroleum coke powder mill has a very important position and role in petroleum coke processing, the milling process can be divided into crushing, screening, sintering, milling, and all aspect of scientific and rational mixture in order to produce strong market competitiveness petroleum coke powder, petroleum coke is widely used in various fields of application.
 Fujian Fengli carrier dozens of continuous exploration and hard work, has own an excellent reputation in the field of milling, mill equipment also received the unanimous endorsement of the market and customers. Fujian Fengli FLM Pendulum Grinding mill in large petroleum coke system has a very large field of powder grinding advantages, can produce powder which meet the specification requirements.
 The large milling machine is innovation formed, adapt a number of patented technologies and ultimately successfully developed into the market, to meet the national industrial policy and the growing demand for industrial scale production, to further fill our large pendulum mill blanks, both in production capacity, and in specific energy consumption, can replace almost all types of mills.
 At present, Fujian Fengli FLM Large Pendulum Grinding mill already widely used on manganese ore processing, petroleum coke, power plant desulfurization, talc, calcium carbonate and hundreds of large enterprises and industries.