Superfine heavy calcium carbonate mill production line

Since the end of 1970s, China began to produce heavy calcium carbonate, in the middle of 1990s, the annual output of about 600 thousand tons, in 2000 production of about 3 million tons; 2010 production reached more than 10 million tons; In 2015 the national production capacity has reached about 15 million tons (excluding the desulfurization and feed with heavy calcium carbonate). From the above data analysis, heavy calcium carbonate consumption increased year by year, thus stimulating the development of industrial equipment industry, deep processing of heavy calcium carbonate powder production cannot do without mill, can produce heavy calcium carbonate powder over 1000 mesh MT ring roller mill and ACM milling machine.

The superfine heavy calcium carbonate powder material has a wide source of raw materials, high whiteness, low oil absorption value, good applicability, low price and other characteristics, used in plastics, rubber, adhesives and other fields can save resin used in papermaking industry can save paper pulp and increase the opacity and ink absorption. By virtue of the characteristics of carbonate calcium become the fastest development in recent twenty years, the inorganic non metallic mineral powder.

The production of heavy calcium carbonate powder over 1000 mesh processing technology of MT ring roller mill and ACM milling machine is mainly used in the production of dry and wet grinding part of the drying process. The mill classifier composed of production line, is characterized by continuous closed production, multi-stage, cyclic load (300% ~ 500%). A single large production capacity. The main production technology is one of the superfine heavy calcium carbonate production line.

ACM mill and MT ring roller mill is one of the new ways of the superfine heavy calcium carbonate processing technology, it is suitable for large scale processing more than 1000 mesh superfine heavy calcium powder, its scale and energy saving effect, realize the product to a great extent in the fine production at the same time, has the advantages of simple operation, convenient maintenance. The layout is simple, small footprint, low construction investment, low noise, environmental protection and other advantages.