What is the price of a desulfurized gypsum grinding mill?

With the rapid development of green concept, a large number of power plant desulfurization gypsum is also emissions with the desulfurization of dust, desulfurization gypsum has considerable market value as an industrial by-product gypsum, can promote a wide range of gypsum to be used in building materials and other industries with the help of vertical grinding equipment. Fujian Fengli as a professional desulfurization gypsum vertical mill equipment manufacturer, to provide you with more cost-effective desulfurization gypsum mill according to the needs of customers, so as to help more customers to create greater market value.

Desulfurized gypsum is mainly a by-product of wet flue gas desulfurization in power plants. Its composition is basically the same as natural gypsum, but higher purity and fineness. There are many ways to use gypsum, mainly can be made of semi-water or anhydrous gypsum after calcination. These two are gelled materials. Calcined gypsum can be used as raw materials to make gypsum plaster, gypsum floor, gypsum putty, medical gypsum, mold gypsum, dental gypsum and so on.

Fujian Fengli as a well-known Chinese and foreign milling machine manufacturer, with a number of patented technologies, also have our own export rights, products sold all over the world. The tailored powder production line has a lot of successful cases and production experience in the field of desulfurization gypsum area, the production of desulfurization gypsum vertical mill is integration of drying, grinding, classifying, transportation and other performance characteristics, the equipment is more adaptable to the material compared to the traditional mill, the grinding efficiency is higher, the power consumption is lower, the material size is bigger, at the same time, less dust spill, the running cost is also low, the consumable consumes the material smaller, is ideal equipment for the desulfurized gypsum to achieve greater market value. According to the different needs of customers, Fujian Fengli tailored to create a dedicated production line based on different production needs, while giving the corresponding offer to provide customers with experimental research, process design, equipment manufacturing and supply, organization of construction, after-sales service, spare parts supply, skills training, and other train services for your project to create more profits and value.

Fengli ACM/A series are highly efficient super-fine punch-action mechanical micro grinding machines of performing the complete process of material grinding, separation and making of the finished product within the same tightly integrated system.

1. Built-in separation mechanism-preventing over-grinding.

2. Able to produce uniform granules of required sizes by adjusting the speed of the stage-separation wheel(s) or by adjusting the strength of the blower(s).

3. Powerful blowing and strong self-cooling capability, suitable for grinding heat-sensitive materials.

4. Different grinding accessories/devices are used according to the hardness of the material being ground; different types of materials (alloyed carbon steel, stainless steel, ceramics etc) are available for the Machine’s inner linings and product extracting system, meeting the needs of different industries.

5. Both manual and programmable auto-controlled machines available.

The machine is suitable for super-fine grinding of various types of brittle materials. Material hardness (Mohs scale)<4, moisture contents<10%, input size 5–200mm (as decided by the model of the machine and material hardness). The machine is widely used coating materials and other industries.

1. Our design idea is market-oriented and its goal is to increase customers’ satisfaction. Design according to the customers’ special requires. Achieve the perfect combination of rational investment and lower cost.
2. According to related national standard strictly, we guarantee stable and reliable product quality with superb technique and technology.
3. Control the production and examination of the parts and the whole machine strictly.
4. The period of quality guarantee of the equipment is one year, but the whole machine is maintained for whole life. If we receive complaint from customers, we will respond immediately. And if necessary, we will send someone to the field at once.
5. When technical breakthrough and improvement happen, we will do the correction and upgrade for customers with cost price only if customers will.
6. Supply the blueprint of the product line and equipment details for free.