Things I Learnt This Year

Immigration is the root of all evil

Its possible to be a sexual deviant and wear a dead rodent on your head whilst running for president (and win your campaign)

N.B. There are actually tutorials on how to achieve this look

Racism is over because a certain ‘liberal demographic’ wore safety pins

England have a dead football team. AND EVERYONE FINALLY KNOWS IT

Mcm/wcw jokes >>>>

The taxman is more painful than student loan. Although student loan is a joke in itself.

Orlando Brown soundbites can be inspiring

David Attenborough is for the culture. Protect him at all costs.

Also, bubble wrap Stevie Wonder for the foreseeable future

The Jordan meme lives on

You can even download a Jordan meme creating app for iPhone. I haven’t looked back since

Bryson Tiller can’t sing live


Feed Twitter egg accounts to the lions

Usain Bolt is one of the GOATs

Harambe is etched in folklore. Great story for the kids

Grown adults of a certain demographic can get riled up over a non white person playing a fictional character – even if the ethnicity is not specified in said fictional occurrence.

Childish Gambino has stepped into an unreachable realm of creativity

Chance the Rapper is finally getting the recognition he deserves

His tour was nuts!

The xx have still got it

Apple have gotten annoying. It may be time to ditch the iPhone. But I won’t because “The Culture.”

I haven’t been losing sleep over a lack of Kim Kardashian social media posts

Podcasts have finally resurrected

Music is all we got

Monetising on your social media presence is no bad thing

Black Brits are doing bits

If you haven’t already checked out Black is the New Black, have a look here

Everyone’s getting old

Immigration is the root of all evil