The common solution and advice to success from successful people has been to work very hard, persevere, accept and embrace failure, have passion for what you do, set goals, think big, ignore the naysayers, don´t give up etc. One mystery of all these rules is that they are applicable to all areas of life and businesses. No matter the area of life one is into, the same thing will surely resurface itself, notwithstanding the place and space one is in. It does not matter if you are a millionaire or billionaire in America, Africa, Asia etc…it does not matter if you are a Christian, Islam, Hindu, Buddhist etc., you must put in the same amount of work and time to get the same amount of result the successful one are getting. Nature has a structure to success

For example if one does not give up and keep working on the same vision, goal and objective for a very long time, he or she will get to the better end of his chosen career or field but there are so many people who gave up on the same thing and could not excel to the better end of their career. So what is it that keeps others and fails some? Some time it will be seen as if the difference lies in personality, level of education etc. of course it has major impact on success which for sure is true but something created the positive personality at the same time creates the negative personality and negative succeed and come on top than the ones we see as positive. Definitely there is an incomplete processing through before the equilibrium line and that is the failure!!!

The way to an accomplishing life when misinterpreted is what will make all of us go through life complaining of how hard life is. The knowledge and the wisdom is far from our own understanding and wisdom. When we don´t know why we are into things, it will surely low our motivation and moral.

Instead of seeing those problems and sufferings as undue blockages for us to live our purpose, we should see them as blessings to make us a better human.

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