Are We Playing A Role In A Simulated Body And A simulated World?

Imoh Chinedu
Sep 11 · 3 min read

Are humans simulated? That's a little advance let's break it down, when we play a game, we know the character we choose to play as in the game is the one bound to the rules of the game design and left to him he can’t bend the rules, we the real players are in and out of the game and therefore could change the rules to fit our needs.

Note: To get the best out of this article one must read with an open mind, not believing or disbelieving but to entertain the ideas and see whether it holds any truth. If you have a closed mind, pls feel free to close the article at this point.

When we wear a virtual reality we know that what we are looking at isn't real, but to our senses it is, that's why we react accordingly as if it's real. Could this reality also be a simulation? This reality seems real to us because I mean this is what we have known but to the architects of this universe, reality could be different.

The human mind is not able to comprehend infinity so we can't imagine a world without space and time(rules). We know it exists and it could possibly be the ultimate reality.

Our mind always finds it hard to let go of what its used to and its core beliefs of what is real. Our technologies are evolving and even games are getting more realistic, when characters start having free will and independent intelligence, they may start to believe they are real, just as we think we are since this is all that we know, and if the character gets full of it weak self it might feel a need to disconnect from the player in other to do its own weak will.

A collection of atoms comes together to form a wall, its been atomically programmed to form a specific shape. So we are left with something that looks like and feels like a wall, we don't see the microscopic pieces that build it just as we don't see the lines of code when playing a game.

We expect our world to act a certain way just as it was designed, so we fail to see it as a programmed artificial boundary, we thereby stay bound to it. Until we give up this ego of self and the simulation it lives in then we can connect to who we really are. And also the earlier the better because the more the mind holds onto this reality as real the harder its gets to let loose of the grasp.

One suggestion, read this article twice after that keep everything in mind and go watch the 1999 movie The Matrix. Peace 😊

Imoh Chinedu

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I write about programming, embedded systems, and self-development

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