Dare to Do; Dare to Dream

Sometimes we are overtly optimistic and fired up.

To such an extent that boundaries, challenges and difficulties cannot seem to hold down the beast of your ambition and drive. You’re on some kind of roll and nothing can stop you.

Exit bright lights and enter gloom. Then suddenly you run out of this “wonder” juice and start struggling with self doubt and self image issues. Your mind starts playing games with you and that treacherous inner voice reaches out from the ethers to challenge your sense of self.

Words like “failure”, “unsuccessful”, “retard”, “give up”, “defeated” continually hound you. The real damage is that voice that talks back to you, trying to convince you that these words are true.

We all have our ON days and OFF days and those days that are in between.

No one can explicitly wear your shoes or grasp the full realities of what you go through or face. Each of us does need a cheerleading squad and the principal captain of that squad is “wait for it” — You.

You are both your biggest cheerleader and critic.

There is more than one way of looking at any situation and it is best to apply a measure of control to your reaction. If given a chance between yelling and saying mean or angry things and going mute — pick the mute option.

You will have more time to assess the situation and define a better reaction/response or none at all. Your choice, your rules.

Here’s my little story:

Many months back — I had a nasty experience in one of my entrepreneurial engagements with my business partner and it left me very strongly disillusioned. I was so angry and bitter about it that i detached from work. I had spent nine months and had almost nothing to show for it asides a huge deficit in my savings account and nothing tangible asides experience and my frustrations. I was just counting down the time when i could return back to my country and assess my next move. I was broke and had burned through my savings to sustain myself while working. Excuses were thrown all over the place like used tissue paper and i bore the brunt of this failure.

Mentally, i vowed never again. This was a moment of inner discovery where i found an inner strength to pursue vigorously what i wanted. I returned to Nigeria and started reaching out. Friends, associates and colleagues.

I was on a roll and I was self motivated. I didn't bother with excuses any more.

Every time i felt low or powerless — i merely checked my todo list and followed up with actions and other positive steps and it worked. I got more done and was gloomy less. I was more optimistic and my “wonder” juice was at an all time high.

In a space of six months in Nigeria, i landed two major contracts (by my standards) and completed more than three projects. All this based on a simple resolve of self.

All this because i dared to do.

This new found confidence is something that everyone has access to. It follows a simple set of rules listed below:

  • Make an inner commitment to yourself and hold true to it.
  • Make a daily to-do list and ensure you strike items off ONLY at the end of the day.
  • Do not wallow in self pity — instead focus on any outstandings or pending issues and close off on those as a means to create productivity.
  • If it seems too large — break it down into small tasks and quickly deliver on those.
  • Seek out new opportunities — be curious.
  • Replace fear with action.
  • Reinforce yourself with positive talk and affirmations.
  • Seek GOD (in whatever form he is known to you)

I hope these words will be helpful to someone out there struggling to get a handle on a life that seems to be running out of control. I won’t say I’m there yet but i can attest to the fact that i would not trade my self pursuit for anything else.

Dream, Dare and Do!

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