I’m Done Pretending SF Tech Is Visionary
Marco Marandiz

Hello Marco. Very interesting read and from the looks of the comments and contributions, one can very well summarize the sentiment that this topic evokes.

First of all — we currently reside in the age of information and its many derivatives. The focus on careers and professions are being replaced with start-ups and entrepreneurs. In short our current structure is being rewritten and until some sort of quasi stability is reached, it will keep pivoting.

However this also brings to light the needs of people to either create something or to join those creating something. We all know the “high" that comes from this process and we are all junkies of one type or another.

Like you clearly pointed out — it is the scale and ultimate vision that determines how deeply or passionately we push. For shallow — short term, i’m-in-for-the-money types this is no surprise.

Finally this also calls into question our motives behind these endeavours. The “Why" forms the biggest component and is the heart and soul of our pursuits. For this reason alone, you would keep pushing, quit sleeping, suffer, spend your own money and sacrifice everything to give it a chance simply because you believe.

That is what marks us out and perhaps gives our ventures something that will stand the rest of time. It shouldn’t just be for the long term.

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