Who am I?
SF Ali

I read the post and went through the comments and what one immediately senses are those who appreciate your writings because it speaks to a place or phase they are going through or those who have come to like and even love your writings.

We are all splinters of the light and darkness with varying reflections. None is perfect nor should we ever aim for perfection. We should aim for excellence in whatever we do and YOU SF ALI have managed to hit the bullseye with your interpretation of excellence. Your words have heart and soul, they challenge, they encourage, they inspire, they are relatable. There are so many nuggets found in your words and writings.

To chose to become a light in a world filled with equal moments of pain and happiness is a CHOICE we must make. We may not be fully in control of all circumstances BUT we can chose our reactions to them.

Like you said — writing is therapy, release, communication, an out pouring of the deluge of emotions threatening to explode. It makes sense of the explosive dynamic that we carry along with us like shells.

Thank you for always giving voice to these deep and dark thoughts and reminding us that there is also beauty regardless of what struggles we under go.

My sadness or grief is not a permanent state nor is it my defining personality.

Blessings to you and all others.

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