Once again I am in the hands of this temptress — this paragon of mystique. I am alone — trapped by my desires to subjugate her, to tame her and to succeed where very few before me had managed to do so and many after me will struggle still.
 The very specter of her — her beguiling wiles and enticing smiles continue to lure me in repeatedly; like the call of the sirens — a dead man walking to his doom.
 In spite of my open reluctance to fall prey… I am held captive — a willing surrender, a mindless desire to stay in her company and to fall victim. She has seen the demise of men greater than me and yet — here I still stand before her yet again. Why? Was it because of my fascination and perseverance? Was it because I chose to stand firmly in place in the face of her screaming wrath and the brutal fury of her veiled claws… She drew no quarters and expected none and yet there was something in her that promised me all I ever wanted — if only I could pass muster and stay the course.
 Each endeavor was repeatedly squashed. It was one failure and setback after another and yet I chose to continue because there was no other way. I had committed too much to turn back. I would not bow to the demands to give up — my spirit was tired, my flesh was worn down and my mind was a chatter of angry voices begging me to relent and walk away BUT…. I was certain that If I kept at it; she would relent.
 The cult of success is guarded by the few who have seen the infernos of hell and desolation and like the JOB of the bible been wiped with the aim of surrender BUT lived to tell the tale and yet their silence was all the answer you got because they still bore the scars to prove to the disbelieving — to show as proof that they had faced down their worst fears and survived. I would do the same and even though it would hurt me and leave me tattered and torn — I will never give up! Not to her and not on my dreams and aspirations for without them I am nothing — a rudderless ship set adrift in the tidal wave of life’s buffeting currents. Subjected to the caprices of the storm’s fury and scorn and tossed around as she sees fit.
 She bore down on me with venomous intent and I bore the brunt of her castrations — look, see how she has ravaged my masculinity and robbed me of my identity. See the lacerations she has left on my psyche and the ravaging wounds that cover me. But not anymore — her time too shall pass and once more, I will tame her and make her fortunes mine.
 There is no escape — only the reward that is due to me — to take that which is my right. I do not stand idly by to complain about the unfair hand that she deals — I simply go after what i want until i get it. Fate has given me the ultimate prize — her beauty and fortune, her tempestuous nature and her favour for I stood where most had failed with the prize in plain sight and within my grasp. She is a worthy goal — regardless of the outcome, she is a worthy prize indeed!

Originally published at on August 15, 2016.