The greatest gift is LOVE

 That’s almost the first thing you forget when falling in love with something or someone.
 You forget to breathe.
 It doesn’t mean that you have embraced a death wish nor does it mean that your respiratory functions have failed — its just means that you have surrendered the process of logic to take up the process of emotionally charged moments of turbulent Highs and Lows.
 You remember the feeling don’t you?
 That need to constantly suck up this thing or person as if you could consume them into yourself. The sense of intensity that sets your wires abuzz. Beating heart that yields to excitement at the mere thought. The way you find your body reacting like a machine out of control.
 However after the buzz, when the nerves settle down — the reality still holds true.
 The reality indicates that there is hard work involved as in all things but the emotionally packed journey always produces the drama that makes love or falling in love a beautiful experience.
 Love with every fibre of everything in your body, love with your entire heart- love until it feels like a raw open wound — love when you have nothing to gain — love with everything you have to give even when people call you foolish.

Originally published at on August 16, 2016.

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