The Zombie Horde

Image Credit: Zombie Horde by JoakimOlofsson on DeviantArt

The zombie horde trudges along the way,
In mindless defiance — eyes dulled and grey
Their thoughts all but controlled and structured to stay,
In this long melee called a “working” day.

Rushing about at a brisk pace and speed
Each battalion like blades of grass or weeds
All swallowed in the vast wastelands of corporate greed,
Which we think will meet all our “needs”
Unfortunately all it does is to make us bleed,
As we stand by its mindless creed,
Something that has made us a horde or breed,
To satiate this unquenchable need

Choice is not ours to make — it has already been made
when we signed away our right to free thought - like a knave
we are “owned” by the corporate structure, which raves 
Dictated to and ordered about like mindless slaves

Our lives are rarely our own as we drift about in a haze of oblivion
Until we have been rudely awakened by a harsh reality and notion
and march no further because: we as the horde stand in our own way
and nothing will break the horde except TOTAL disruption.

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