My Boot-camp Experience (day 3)

Today is a good day. Did I hear you ask me “why”? Well, for starters, I completed my template pages for my “more-recipes” application, and I can now move to the more challenging, but far more exciting stage two. The template pages were an important requirement, but I found the creation process to be very boring.

Yesterday, I completed my Object Oriented Programming (OOP) application on time. I couldn’t fit in the Test Driven Development (TDD) tests on time, though, but my Learning Facilitation Assistant (LFA) was kind enough to extend the deadline for the tests. To my delight, my program passed all tests, and it presents a massive step up from previous boot-camps. In my last boot-camp, two months ago, I completed my OOP assignment on time, but I submitted incomplete tests and my OOP assignment had significant errors. I am really excited by the progress I have made in the last two months, and anytime things get tough, the thought of my progress drives me to get through it. I owe my improvement to the advice I got from an Andela facilitator and an Andela fellow two months ago, which can be summarised thus: “Build things and learn what you only need to learn to build those things.”

Anyway, today looks deceptively quiet as I don’t have too many assignments, bar this blog post. However, it is said that “looks can be deceptive”. Today, I will begin working with the PostgreSQL and the Object Relational Mapper (ORM), Sequelize, and all the fun tasks (NOT!) of creating API routes. I need to get on with it and be productive. Till next time folks, stay awesome.

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