My Experience in Andela Boot-Camp (Day 3)

It is 3 minutes to 12 noon and I sit in my room, with my pyjamas on, weary, hungry, and desperately searching my mind for what to write, just so I can focus on the next task which is due in 5 hours. A familiar sight, sadly, for the past four days or so.

I have just successfully completed the Test Drive Development task. Remember it? Turns out that a few sleep deprived days spent trying to figure out a subject can yield fruit. I am much better now at the use of Git and GitHub and I have a decent grasp of using Jasmine test suite. Yay!, right? The problem though, is that I am constantly playing catch-up. Every time I finish one task, two others are ahead of me, and I really need to speed things up before the end of the week. I got written feed back, yesterday, from my Boot-Camp Facilitation Assistant (BFA), which said as much.

I decided to get more sleep last night than I have had in the previous four days, because I realised the sleep deprivation was affecting my thinking. The few extra hours of sleep have worked wonders, as I am feeling better, although, I am still a bit tired, but I am as determined as ever to see this through.

Today’s tasks are: two JavaScript codeLabs on “word count” and “reverse string”, writing this blog post, and developing a simple command line application that consumes a Public API, using a HTTP client library. The first two should be relatively straightforward, however, the HTTP client library task is a daunting one. I have identified some YouTube videos that may prove helpful to my cause, courtesy of some of the fine people on the Andela Slack page, and as you can see, I have a long day ahead of me so it’s best I get going.

Till next time, stay blessed.