My Experience in Boot-Camp so far

I seat here, sweaty, and furiously rushing to meet my deadline. I have not had a moment of rest all day, and I am drained physically and mentality, but sadly, it’s not unfamiliar to me. The Andela bootcamp pushes you the limit, but it also brings out the best in you.

Yesterday, the 28th day of August, 2017 , was my first day at boot-camp cycle 26. There was nothing out of the ordinary as I have been to three other boot-camps. The presentations were pretty much the same thing as in the previous boot-camps, and I was bored out of my mind listening to them again. That’s not to say the presentations are bad. No, on the contrary, they are very informative and cause interesting debate, but there are only so many times you can do the same thing, no matter how interesting, before you get bored.

During the day, I got feedback from the Learning Facilitation Assistant (LFA), and to my horror, I had quite a lot of corrections to implement. A part of me is frustrated because I just wanted to start stage 2 (creating API routes), which is by far more difficult than stage 1, however, I knew that it would be pointless to go any further without implementing feedback, therefore, as soon as I got back from the Andela office, I got to work and did as my LFA instructed.

Today, we have a very challenging task of implementing a real life example of Object Oriented Programming (OOP). I have chosen challenge myself and choose a very difficult real life task — the implementation of a shopping cart class. I wanted to write test driven development tests as well, but I wasn’t permitted by time. Oh well, I will continue to work on the tests even after submission.

Anyway, folks, that’s it for me. It’s exactly 3 minutes to my deadline and I have got to go. Till next time, stay blessed, folks.

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