My Experience in Boot-camp so Far

On the 23rd day of October, 2017, I got into the Mwanzo room on the third floor of one wing of the former Akintola Williams Deloitte building along Ikorodu Road at approximately 9 am. The sight of young, eager, aspiring world class software developers working hard on their laptops was instantly recognisable.

Shortly thereafter, the Self-Learning Clinic (SLC) started with Phil and Victoria, the boot-camp facilitators, taking turns to give interactive sessions. They proceeded to say things that I have heard time and time again, but the interactive nature of the session helped to distract me. The major highlight of the day was when Phil announced that during the next three days, usually reserved for home study, all boot-campers would be allowed to come to the Andela office to continue their projects. This was a major departure from previous boot-camps, whereby the boot-campers were allowed only if they demonstrated they lacked access to electricity and/or reliable internet connection.

The next day, I decided that I would get more work done at home as I was exhausted from the previous day’s activities. The tasks were fairly straight-forward and I completed them on time.

The next two days consisted of coming to the Andela office to collaborate and solve problems related with the project. It’s really been a big help to be able to come to the office without restrictions in the first week.

One major aspect of the boot-camp that never changes is the relative lack of sleep. That can sure be draining, but I hope I get into the fellowship this time to make my sacrifice worth it. Tomorrow is the last day of week 1, and during the day, the Learning Facilitation Assistants (LFAs) will assess the work of their assigned boot-campers, and determine those going through to the week 2. I am still a bit behind in my project, but I am determined to finish all my work, and make it through.

Until next time, stay blessed folks.