What is self worth? Self worth is simply having value for yourself. Self worth is defined by Merriam-Webster as: “a feeling that you are a good person who deserves to be treated with respect”. Most of us have very low senses of self worth. And most people who have a healthy dose of self worth are seen to be demanding or rude when they demand to be treated with the respect that they deserve. And that’s not right.

Self worth is so vital to our happiness. If you don’t feel good about you, it’s hard to feel good about anything else. This is actually very correct. You can’t give what you don’t have. Your feelings about anything is a direct reflection of what you feel inside. How can you feel good about anything when you don’t feel good inside you? In other words, how can you be happy without self worth? The answer is no way. You can’t be happy without a good sense of self worth.

Many people have a very diminished sense of self worth because of the guilt they carry about because of some mistakes they’ve made in their lives. Sometimes forgiving yourself can be the most difficult thing to do. One can understand why forgiving yourself can be more difficult. A lot of people hold themselves to higher standards than they hold other people. Also, you may be unlucky and be around someone who always reminds you of those mistakes. Please learn to forgive yourself. OK, you hurt someone you care about? So what? That does not make you a bad person. Apologize, try to make up for it and move on.

There isn’t a single person in this world that is entitled to treat you like shit. Many of us don’t demand the respect we deserve. In fact, some people think there are people who have the right to continuously mistreat them. And that’s not right. No one has the right to treat you in a terrible manner. Value yourself. Know when to step back and stop being someone’s emotional and sometimes physical punching bag.

A lot of people want a lot of things but they don’t think that they are good enough to have them. Some don’t even know that their thoughts about themselves limit them from getting what they want. Self worth, self confidence is important for you to succeed in life. How do you expect people to invest in you if you don’t think you are good enough? Who has resources to waste?

Be kind to yourself. Don't speak badly about yourself even as a joke. Stop treating yourself in a much worse way than you treat your loved ones. You too deserve love. And there's nothing wrong with giving it to yourself. In fact, it's the best gift you can ever give yourself.



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