Russian River Cruise May 2017

After the long process of getting our Russian tourist visa, we were finally able to start our dream vacation — a river cruise along the Volga River.

We arrived one day early so we took the AeroExpress train from SVO to downtown Moscow on our own. We printed our tickets before we left for Russia and saved ourselves 80 Rubles per person.

The trip was easy as there was no stop in between. After we got out of the train station, we could not believe our eyes — snowing in May.

SVO Airport and the Moscow subway

It took just a few minutes to walk from the AeroEpress station to the subway station. The problem was to find the right train to the Theatre Square. Most elderly people in Russia do not speak English and if you ask them for direction, they would simply turn their faces to the other side. They would not respond at all.

When you reach to the bottom of the subway escalator, there is always someone sitting in a small booth. Don’t expect that they can understand English either. Asking young Russian people for direction is properly the best option as they are eager to help.

Because the next day was the Victory Day in Russia, security was tight everywhere. We used Google Translate to help us ask for direction but one young Russian girl told us that the translation was wrong. No wonder we were not able to go anywhere :(

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