Crystal Meth, Flakka and other designer drugs are ridiculously easy to buy online from China

You can (illegally) buy designer drugs, such as the extremely dangerous Crystal Meth or Flakka, known also as Alpha PVP (alpha-Pyrrolidinopentiophenone) on some Chinese e-commerce websites. And you don’t need bitcoins or other exotic currency and neither to surf the darkweb.

Recently, flakka jumped to the headlines for a trail of deaths in Florida. Flakka is a chemical known as Alpha-PVP and causes euphoria and superhuman strength, along with paranoid delusions, hallucinations, psychomotor agitation, anxiety, speech disturbances, disorientation, violent, bizarre behaviour and body temperature, which might be the reason why many Flakka consumers are seen running half naked. Alpha PVP can be taken by vaping, smoking, injecting or ingesting. Similar to the infamous salt baths, it’s an extremely dangerous drug and much, much more cheap than cocaine. Even if it’s illegal, it’s a matter of few clicks to buy it online from pharmaceutical companies and laboratories from Shanghai and Shenzhen. MORE

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