Retired worker becomes a senior internet fashionista

Huang Citong, a retired factory worker in Changsha, Hunan province, is becoming an emerging senior internet fashionista.

This lady is changing the stereotypes that many people in Asia, have about the elderly and the figure of the grandmother. Huang has 74 years and she is not the local typical elder oatmeal-chewing and she isn’t a grandmother that participate in group street or square dances.

SOURCE: Granddaughter encourages grandmother to age with style

Huang Citong recently likes to wear dresses black tinted shades, but also colored; she likes to try makeup and use bright burning red lipstick; appreciates fuzzy fur coats and try to wear everything with style and swag, just like any chic young models. Guo Jingjing, her 20 years old granddaughter, is a college senior, who loves fashion and photography.

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