How To Find Wholesale Suppliers In China Using Alibaba

Small and medium sized business owners often can’t afford to visit China and select an efficient Chinese supplier. If you pick a product that is too expensive to make, then it will hurt your profit margins and it won’t be very profitable for you. And if you pick the wrong suppliers or manufacturer, then you’re going to have a bad experience and it will cost you a lot of time and money.

Majority of the small business houses depend on the Internet to find reliable sourcing agents in China for their products. Alibaba, DHgate and Aliexpress are the gold mines of finding wholesale suppliers in China.

But the problem is not many people know how to find the sourcing agents and suppliers using these web portals. We thought it is a perfect time to share knowledge how you can use Alibaba, DHgate and Aliexpress to navigate through the marketplace with ease. The process of using them is same, here we are explaining about Alibaba.

How to use Alibaba?

If you’ve decided and are determined to source your suppliers from China, there’s a good chance you will be buying from Alibaba. It is the most comprehensive directory that connects Chinese suppliers with buyers from all over the world. Alibaba literally has millions of products from hundreds of thousands of suppliers so there’s not much you won’t find on the directory.

  • Step 1- You need to sign up the website and after successful sign up you can manage any orders you place, your buyer requests, your account, your favorites and other aspects of the website
  • Step 2- You could see a search bar on the website you can search for any products, suppliers or quotes on products that you’re interested in.
  • Step 3- Price and quotes of the product will automatically appear below the product you have searched.
  • Step 4- Pick up the quotes you find reasonable and contact the wholesale suppliers of China via mail or phone call.

The entire process is absolutely simple and fast. The shipping time of your product depends on where you live make sure to plan accordingly.

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