August 29th and I still haven’t seen The Dark Knight.

School has been in session for about a 6 days and I am incredibly stressed out. I keep having to study for this really stupid ACT exam that means nothing, except it means everything.

Also, my application essays continue to be garbage. Hopefully, I get into UT Comp Sci, but who knows.

It’s August 29th 10:20pm and I still haven’t seen The Dark Knight.

— I am currently at a cognitive battle with myself on whether to stay up till 1am in order to watch The Dark Knight, or go to sleep.

I haven’t had proper sleep in a while,e I keep dousing out at a dangerous midnight to 2am. I think I need to adult (the little bit that I can) and go to bed.

Also I’ve been watching Lost and listening to the It Feels Like The First Time podcast and it is my favorite thing. Lost is a garbage show, btu that podcast is amazing.

What else…what else….

Idk. I’m tired. I also feel liek shit bc I spent months working on a Google Chrome App and they announced that they are disc. thier web apps. Like wtf? I’ll get over it. I need a new project though. I have ideas, but still. Fuck. I spent hundreds of hours researching and creating this app and now it is arbitrary.

I bet it is a sign that I will come up with something better. Hopefully, I get better at physics and calculus and find a gap of time to continue coding. Because taking a hiatus is dangerous and painful. A rusty coder is almost useless.

Also I want a job, but I don't want to fold polo for 6 hours nor do I want to plop rice on burritos. I want to be that kid, that kid that gets out there and gets shit done. I want to venture out and find a company willing to work with me. I want to program, and learn how to run shit. We will see how that works out.

Anyway, I’m going to keep watching Lost, avoiding my priorities, and stressing over the force of gravity.

It’s August 29th 2016 10:33pm and I still haven’t The Dark Knight.


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