is this the part where you ask me how im doing and i just say “okay” at three octaves higher than normal?

I don’t plan to write alot…I always say that and then even JK Rowling ends up scoffing at my lengthy posts.

My life? Well. I remeber writing abotu my hopes to get into The University of Texas at Austin, and I did! So that’s incredible and amazing and I can’t even describe the feeling of confusion, shock, and utter excitement, drizzled with a bit of fear and empty pockets.

Overall, I am crazy excited nd blessed to have the opportunity to elevate and create and learn at UT. I’m ready to create and change the world and meet people who want to change the world with me.

Hmmm , so abotu 7 days before I got the great news from UT, I was havign possibly the worst week of my life. All I’ll say is that I hate bullies and I hate my high school with a passion. I’m barely there anymore, either from skipping or just simply choosign ym bed than the cold and loud anxiety boosting hallways of my school.

Then abotu 6 days after the UT news, somethign else horrible happened to me. I never thought it would happen, but it did. I ahave alot foo regrets and confused feelign and I don’t truly knwo hwo to cope but…I will (am)?

I just….I truly feel as though my life is on this sin wave of good and bad and worse. I woudl make an actual graph o this but, I cant be bothered. It’s just… like why? why me? y know? why?

My life will move on, it has to.

So, here I am. Putting on a smile or a lsight grin at school My teacher asked me what was going on with me. I froze and literally sprignted out fo th class. No joke, actual sprinting. I skip her class, and school in general a few times a week and I am very quiet and recluded. Yknow…like…my lfie is just idk.

I have this amazing news, embedded between two of the worst…no the actual worst two events of the entire school year. I have 3 months left….3 months…

Prom might be a thing? I think that’s somethign to look forward to i guess. I knwo who i want to ask me, btu I feel liek they won’t do it which is whateverrrrr.

I coudl always say fuck gender role, btu im a punk.

I think..I’m done writing for now. I have a journala nd I sort fo spill my life and thoughts in there so that’s hwere I am if not here. Also, i have been thinkign that I need a project. I need somethign that pushes me to lern, pushes me to create. I talked to my friend and hopefully that’s a thing. I need a distraction/motivation/shinign light yknow. An end goal

~Stay Speedy

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