The man who changed my life (Casey Neistat) has just uploaded his last vlog ever…. :

Casey really changed my life last year. I can’t claim that I’ve been watching him since his indie movies, but when I found his vlog at the beginning of his journey I was encapsulated. He changed me. I was one of the worst points of my life, I was stuck, unmotivated, and undriven. Casey showed me what it means to not just get through life, but he thrives. Casey pushed me to change my life completely, rededicate myself, and worst harder than I ever have. I loved my daily dose of Neistat that I would watch first-period at school every day, and I will miss it.

Just because he isn’t daily anymore, doesn’t mean I will stop working hard. I think that this move he’s made deviants that he practices what he preaches. He found complacency, he got comfortable and felt uncomfortable int hat. He isn’t just going to ride the wave of Youtube fame and money, but he is going to seek after new goals, great goals, and bigger things. The inspiring guy I tell ya.

Anyway, thank you, Case for everything. The speeches, the new amazing music, and the content.

An excerpt from my Reddit comment. Summarizes my feelings on all of this. Today is a weird day, btu his life moves on, and so does mine.

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