What the heck is “BlockCluster”?

The world is turning Blockchain-eous. Blockchain is truly changing the definitions in digital world today. With the invent of technology, came up many platforms targeting one or more industries. Though Blockchain intends to solve many challenges but in course of evolution of the technology, application and implementation of this technology itself becomes a challenge. A considerable amount of human effort as well as time is involved in implementations of the blockchain networks. Be it any blockchain platform, hours of investment needs to be done to build up enterprise grade production ready applications over it which not only requires the skill set but good amount of cost and time as well.

An ideal technology is the one which make things simpler eliminating all the unnecessary complexities. Well! this is exactly where BLOCKCLUSTER comes in .

What is BlockCluster?

BlockCluster is the platform that provides quick deployment and easy management of Blockchain Ecosystems through a simple user interface. It accelerates the process of Dapp (Decentralized Apps) and Blockchain integration by automating associated steps and provides scalable, robust and reliable on-cloud/on-premises private and hybrid Blockchain solution for industry-specific use cases.

It aims to minimise the challenges faced while building enterprise grade Blockchain solutions .

So what does block cluster do?

BlockCluster implements what is known as BaaS(Blockchain-as-a-Service). It basically provides a seamless experience in building any enterprise grade application without hassle. So when I say without hassle, i literally mean that. The founders have huge algorithms and flows set up running behind the scenes to provide end customers a smoother experience in building application. The platform claims - Using Blockcluster one can build a simple Dapp within 15 minutes. Now this is a big “Wow”. What they claim seems simply phenomenal and breathtaking . The Blockcluster group have already pitched in and showcased it to global enterprises and organisations in various blockchain summits .

Major Advantages of using BlockCluster:

Cost Reduction: The solutions that they provide is, amazingly , more budget friendly as compared to building apps without it but at the same time maintaining high quality code and security standards.

Low Skill Investment: Blockcluster claims that there is no special skill set required for building Blockchain projects and hence the platform provides a good management in terms of budgeting of resources in Blockchain projects to the industries.

Time Reduction: As I mentioned earlier, they claim to slash down the development time from days to minutes and that is something which is simply outstanding !

Security Layer : The platform provide additional layers of security for the products and projects build using it.

Few more pros :

Error Free Development

No Integration Complexities

And this is not all, there are many enterprise grade services and addons available at the BlockCluster Platform (More info at : https://www.blockcluster.io/addons)

In all, BlockCluster is one of its kind in the IT market that aims to revolutionise the digital world with Blockchain by bridging the gaps between PoCs and production applications.

Website : https://www.blockcluster.io/

References: https://medium.com/blockcluster-io