Building Households by Yana Volkovich

One of the main drivers of the AT&T, WarnerMedia and Xandr success story is the synergy derived from combining our data assets. This combination supports solutions for customers including our cross-device products, targeting the right users, and content personalization. The amount of data housed by these companies is not only large, containing billions of identifiers, but it also consists of various types of identifiers (e.g., user accounts and cookies). Additionally, information from other third-party data providers is used to further extend our data coverage and provide a wider breadth of offerings to our clients. …

Co-authored by Chinmay Nerurkar & Abraham Greenstein

Scalable High Performance Computing Server Farm

But does it scale? It’s probably the most destructive question in Machine Learning history. It does not matter how accurate a model is if it cannot be deployed.

Scale is particularly important for our digital advertising products at Xandr. We conduct well over a hundred billion auctions for online ads daily on our real time platform. The Xandr Invest bidding engines allow our buy-side clients to participate in these auctions which typically requires real-time computation of bids that use an assortment of automated optimization algorithms. These algorithms utilize machine learning, control theory, optimization…

Chinmay Nerurkar

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