It’s the start of the year and I’m just getting my new year resolutions in order. While I think about how to make sure I follow these resolutions, I realized one thing that works perfectly well for me is using email as a reminder. …

A gentle introduction to the world of Python packaging and writing your first Python package.

A few years back when I typed pip install opencv-python, a few seconds passed and something magical happened- I was able to use OpenCV; no need to build it from source, no compiler needed, it was definitely breathtaking. …

Part 1 covered what is docker.

In this article, we’ll be talking about how to start using Docker for python development.

A standard python installation involves setting up environment variables and if you’re dealing with different versions of python, there are tons of environment variables to be dealt with be…

If you’re a Software Engineer or a Data Scientist, you probably would have heard about docker by now.

The way it caught my attention was me browsing around the internet for deep learning framework and almost every other framework had docker support, which got me thinking what exactly is docker.

WhatsApp has been in news in Europe for all wrong reasons lately. The Belgium Court[1] and now Information Office of UK[2] has asked WhatsApp to stop sharing data with facebook for analytics purpose. And Facebook is caught up in it’s biggest data breach scandal ever[3].

Since the WhatsApp acquisition by…

Chinmay Shah

Building impactful technologies; Computer Science grad(class of 2020).

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