Beautiful chaos of thoughts

We all think, and some of us are over thinkers. Those who are might relate to this. Over thinking does not mean we think about negative stuff. At times we think about positive stuff, which gives us happiness, sometimes motivation or something we are looking for.
Today evening, I was riding a bike and listening to a few of my favorite songs, millions of thoughts ran through my mind with the speed of a bullet train. Here are a few of them, I was able to recall. This is going to be random stuff.

There’s a beautiful chaos around us. Try to find a rhythm in it, which is as beautiful as your favorite song.

Try to push your limits. Do random shit. Don’t give a damn what other’s will think.

Handle your emotions without anyone’s help. Feel the pain. Hurt yourself. You’ll feel stronger some day.

Love someone unconditionally. Be part of someone’s life without expecting anything in return.

Live in the present. Keep happy and positive things from the past in your mind.

Make a to-do list about the things you are going to do today. Prioritize them properly.

Be in nature. Feel the wind. Get up in the morning and see the sunrise. In winter, wear the least amount of clothes and go for a walk or a ride. Enjoy rains from a beautiful view.

Once in a life, adopt a pet. Any pet.

Ride a bike on a lonely road. Scream with happiness.

Isolate yourself. Grab your favorite drink, listen to some music. Or whatever makes you help think. Find out patterns in things happening around you. Learn from them.

Trust your instincts. Trust yourself. You’ll never hurt or bluff yourself.

Laugh out loud. Cry at times. You’ll feel complete.

Be spontaneous. Flirt. Release hormones.

Explore different domains/topics. Be greedy for knowledge. Keep your mind busy. Solve riddles, maybe. Stress your brain.

Sometimes be free or do nothing. You need some lazy time too. Pamper yourself.

Eat. Eat whatever is edible. Visit different places in your town. Try to find out the specialty of the place. Don’t follow Zomato for it.

Go out for a drink. Booze hard with people you are comfortable with. You’ll get how much they love you.

Be yourself. Because you are unique. Don’t put yourself in someone else’s shoes.

Be insecure. Fight your insecurities. Don’t be afraid and ashamed of your insecurities. They are in your mind to improve yourself.

Be humble. Make new friends. But don’t lose the true ones. Value their presence.

Learn to appreciate. Make someone feel good.

Be kind, but be blunt at times. Be sarcastic.

Respect. Always respect people around you, even if you hate them. Listen to them, smile, and then do whatever the fuck you want to do.

The world is a big place. We haven’t even seen 1% of it. Make goals which will increase that one percent.

Be passionate about your dreams. Otherwise, you won’t be able to achieve it.

Be mad at someone for a reason. Hurt someone for a reason. Justify your feelings, to yourself. You don’t owe an explanation to others, but yourself.

Impress yourself before impressing others.

Meditate. Exercise regularly to keep yourself fit and healthy.

Maintain a routine. Complete your daily tasks on time.

Adapt to new things. Be progressive.

Be a perfectionist. Keep things simple.

Shop. Make yourself look good.

Write at least two-three lines in a diary or make notes on your phone.

Try to make yourself in a place where no one can think about. Believe in yourself. You are your best friend.

Think !