I like videos a lot… almost all kinds of them. I know, generally, time for watching videos is directly proportional to your lethargic quotient. And, you get judged a lot as a person with lot of extra time and no better things to do. Well, that’s correct. I haven’t found a single better thing than watching a good movie.

Now, I watch all kinds of TV series, movies both from Hollywood and Bollywood, my mother tongue content (since our guys are pretty good at it!).

I think I have watched at least 8000 hours of video content so far. That’s almost a year. And I also believe that 70 percent of my international knowledge comes from these 8K hours.

Anyways, why I am telling this? Because, I am very much fond of this kind of entertainment and I get very much engaged in it as a consumer. No other industries or sectors have been able to get hold of me so long ever. And, I just thought I should say something nice about this major part of my life.