The Necessity of Dirty Politics

We will base the rest of this article on the definition of “politics” being: “activities within an organization that are aimed at improving someone’s status or position and are typically considered to be devious or divisive.”

Ever since the founding and successful working of government and business, one thing that has always been frowned upon is the nature of politics. We view politicians and politics in general as corrupt. In fact, my favorite philosopher Niccoló Machiavelli had an interesting view on politics that rendered him notorious in the public’s eye. He says that politics should be run dirtily. He says that the only way to success is to cheat, steal, and lie. “Unfortunately”, that is how politics is today.

However, if we look at the effects of this idea of “dirty politics”, we can see some interesting results. First off, the citizens of the United States are more or less content, definitely more than other countries. The United States is also the country that plays the most “dirtily”. If it weren’t for the nature of our politics, we would not be how we are today. We have economic, social, and mental stability. The only reason is because the government and the public have maintained that decent social contact. The way that the government is able to do this is through dirty politics that take place. These politics shape the government that we have today.

Therefore, we can see that the “corrupted” nature of our politics is actually the reason why we are even able to live fairly comfortably and in a sort of social and economic equilibrium.

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