EEPROM stands for Electrically Erasable Programmable Read Only Memory. Mostly used in embedded applications to store calibration data which can be taken while boot up, power outage or on short term power failures.

Now as the name ROM suggests it's “Read-only”, it really doesn't mean we can’t write to it. It’s generally that we read more often than we reprogram that memory in any applications. It means the data is intednded not to change over a long time or at all.

I have written a simple interface to access EEPROM to read/write, and this story is about how made it…

I bought myself a raspberry pi model 3b which features a built-in wifi and Bluetooth module. I downloaded the latest Raspbian OS image, flashed the SD card, booted up the Pi (connected to the external monitor). Now, time to get updates on the OS and install the necessary software, and there I hit the wall. I couldn't connect Pi to my mobile hotspot (I do not have a broadband connection at the moment to use rj45 cable). I checked the active network interfaces with the command “ifconfig” and found the wireless device (Wlan0) was not listed.

I tried whatever I…

Kesava Chintada

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