Generating AEM Tag References Report

Singaiah Chintalapudi
Dec 2 · 3 min read
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The tags (not smart tags)in Adobe Experience Manager (AEM) plays a significant role on categorizing or classifying the content including media content. AEM authors/business folks often times use the tags to tag the content relevant to each product/business unit.


The current problem within AEM is authors cannot get a consolidated report of content which is tagged with a specific tag. So, this solution generates a report of all (or selected tag) references along with some more additional data.

To avoid any additional load on publish servers, this functionality only runs on author servers and generates all the required information and upload them to DAM. This would help to avoid running this multiple times. If other authors want to access this then they can go to DAM and download the report.

Code Repository

All the code related to this functionality is checked-in here:

AEM Version Support

This has been tested on AEM 6.2, AEM 6.3. However, I am planning to test this on AEM 6.4 and AEM 6.5 versions as well. Please check back here or in the comments section for an update.

How to Use

  1. Download and install the code to AEM author server
  2. After successful installation, you would see: sc-aem-tags-report project and below are the component details:

3. The above component: Tags Util is responsible to generate and upload the tag references report to AEM. Authors have the capability to author multiple options as below:

Tags Path: This is a required field. Authors can select either a parent tag name space or a single child tag

Exclude Sub-Tags: This is optional. Authors can limit the search to specific tag by excluding the child tags (by-default the functionality searches for all the child tags as well)

Content Path: This is optional. If authored then search is limited to that specific area. Otherwise, it will pull all the references i.e. pages, assets..etc

DAM Location: This is a required field. The final tag references report would be uploaded here

Tag Report Name: report name you want to use. If you use the same name then it will override the existing one

4. Once all the details have entered then you can click on submit button to start the process (in view as published mode) and uploads the report to DAM.

5. Below is the report format:

The above report has all the information about the published pages and the new content as well including dam assets. If a content has already published and modified then this will give you that information as well. So, you can get all the information from author server instead of running this on publish servers.

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