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Enroute Universal API Gateway Plugs into OpenAPI Spec

Open API Spec — an API-first approach

Enterprises today use an API first approach towards application development and sharing data. This API based approach is used under several scenarios like — breaking up a monolith into micro-services, adopting cloud and adopting Kubernetes.

APIs are also a popular choice to adopt Service Oriented Architectural approach. API also form a key tenant to support data sharing and logic reuse. An API in an application can be compared to a function in the imperative programming paradigm.

Open API spec is a key mechanism for stake holders to creating and delivering API. Often times the spec forms the blue-print for defining the application, how you can access it, and who can access it. An Open API spec is a mechanism of sharing information across different roles identified in an SOA architecture — service provider, service broker and a service consumer. …

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Why every APIs need a clock

When Van Jacobson couldn’t upload documents in 1985, he found that the network throughput had stalled to 1 bit per second.

“The problem was that we had no clock at startup. We had to build a clock”

The clock would help slow down the startup process. That’s how slow start came about along with other congestion control algorithms.

TCP bit throttling needed a clock. Are APIs any different? Can your APIs get congested too?

It’s like the 1980s again

When nodes retried sending packets, they ended up sending more bits on the network. Retries were choking the pipe. The solution was to protect the shared resource. …


With the advent of cloud and micro-services, proxies have taken up different roles. They are used at the edge or the perimeter for all incoming traffic. The perimeter was the point of running the proxy, providing network services for the application, and managing it.

The perimeter proxy provided function for the application(s) running behind it. …


Enroute Universal Gateway / YAStack: Envoy on FreeBSD TCP/IP on DPDK

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